As the university enters the third year of its diversity, equity and inclusion initiative, Organizational Learning is launching a new set of resources to help individuals, teams and units make progress in cultivating a more inclusive, welcoming and diverse community.

Since the launch of the DEI initiative, Organizational Learning has served more than 18,000 participants in DEI courses, both in open enrollment and on-site, unit-requested offerings.

Now the department has three new resources available to faculty, staff and departments.

DEI Lifelong Learning Model

The university has developed a framework to help guide the learning and development of faculty and staff as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion. This framework is based on the principle that learning is a lifelong journey.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to view the model and use it as a tool to guide their education and skill building.

New Online Module — “DEI: The Basics Part 2”

This brief, online course examines how our social identities impact diversity, equity and inclusion at U-M. It is designed to provide foundational knowledge and foster on-going self-reflection and dialogue on topics related to DEI.

Individuals may complete this on their own or with their team using the accompanying discussion guides.

“Inclusion Insights” videos

This series of 25 short videos offers a unique, micro-learning approach to diversity, equity and inclusion education. The videos were created by and feature Steve Robbins, a nationally recognized trainer and consultant on diversity and inclusion. Robbins was a keynote speaker during the university’s DEI Summit in 2016.

Each video is less than three minutes long and the series includes titles such as, “Defining Diversity,” “Comfort Zones” and “Being Aware of Being Unfair.”

The videos have been organized to align with the new Lifelong Learning model to help address the specific goals of the university’s DEI initiative.

Individuals can watch these videos on their own or with their team using the accompanying conversation cards.

Additional Resources Available

In addition to these new resources, faculty and staff can sign up to take a free class or request a special training for a team or department.

There are also a number of other resources for both individuals and teams on the Organizational Learning website and new resources will be added in the months ahead.

Organizational Learning promotes lifelong learning resources and opportunities for U-M faculty and staff, including strategies for career growth, leadership development and campus culture change initiatives. The department also develops long-term educational strategies and interventions for university-wide culture change initiatives including diversity, equity and inclusion, and sexual harassment and misconduct.