Crowds attend a funeral procession for former U-M President James Burrill Angell, on April 3, 1916, along State Street. Angell worked to establish U-M’s reputation as an institution that could provide an uncommon education for the common man. (Photo courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library)

This month in history (47 years ago)

During the Cold War period of nuclear arms escalation, Vice President of India Zakir Husain delivered the U-M commencement address “The Nation-State as a Moral Entity” on April 29, 1967. “In this university, as in the others, you represent an activity of the human intellect, which has contributed immensely to the enrichment of material and intellectual life,” Husain said. “But some of our highly prized technical achievements have also given us mutual fears and suspicions and hatreds, and a nightmare possibility of total annihilation. Man, shaking with fathomless fears and consumed by ineradicable hatred, is not a product to be proud of.”

— Courtesy Bentley Historical Library