Registration now is open for “Ready to Lose,” MHealthy’s new, free webinar-based weight-loss program for university employees and their spouses/other qualified adults with a body mass index greater than 25.

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  • Register for Ready to Lose. The first 24-weekly webinar session starts March 10, with rolling registration throughout the program. 

“We took the collective wisdom of our weight-loss experts, the experiences of our most successful clients, and the latest research to create a program that can help participants overcome common challenges that sabotage even the most focused and dedicated individuals,” says Erica Owen, manager of MHealthy’s Nutrition & Weight Management Programs.

The 24-week program includes:

• Certified weigh-in — Participants can either attend a weigh-in session on any campus or the U-M Health System or, if they have completed an MHealthy Rewards wellness screening within the last two weeks, fax or mail a copy of their screening results form to MHealthy.

Shawn Sieg, a social network tech developer in UHR Communications, says the flexibility and convenience of MHealthy’s the new webinar format is a big draw for him. (Photo by Austin Thomason, Michigan Photography)

• Weekly webinars — Log in and attend a 30-minute webinar each week focusing on a common weight-loss challenge and strategies to overcome it. MHealthy experts will offer advice and support and participants will have the opportunity to listen to others’ experiences or discuss their own.

• Personal weight-loss coach — Participants will have access to MHealthy coaches via email, phone or in-person to discuss progress, get advice and celebrate successes.

• Weekly drawings — Participants can enter prize drawings when they log their weight each week online. 

Shawn Sieg has participated in several MHealthy programs over the years and says the new webinar format is a big draw for him.

“I have a busy schedule at work and at home so I really like the flexibility and convenience of a webinar-based program that I can do during my lunch,” says Sieg, a social network tech developer in UHR Communications.

“I can’t always get to a meeting or take an hour in the middle of the day to focus on my weight. If I can log on from my computer for 30 minutes, get some sound weight-loss advice, then continue on with my regular day prepared to deal with any challenges that might come up, then this is something I will definitely try.” 

“Our clients always tell us that they know what to do — eat healthier, exercise, avoid fast food, etc. — but for many of them, it’s easier said than done,” Owen says. “With this in mind, we wanted to create a program that gives you the strategies you need to deal with tough situations, like dining at a restaurant, not having enough time to cook, or not being able to follow through with your good intentions. When you’re able to go into a situation prepared, you’re more likely to come out the other end with successful results.”

Ready to Lose is for employees and spouses/OQAs with a BMI greater than 25. For those with a BMI less than 25, MHealthy continues to offer individual nutrition consultations, personalized exercise sessions and Weight Watchers®. U-M faculty and staff can join Weight Watchers At Work or Weight Watchers community programs for a discounted rate of $72 per 12-week session on up to two sessions per calendar year.