The Board of Regents expressed its support for President Mark Schlissel and said the university will continue to listen and respond to concerns from the community during the current challenging time.

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Speaking on behalf of the full board at its Sept. 17 meeting, Chair Denise Ilitch said the regents appreciate the ongoing efforts to keep the university safe.

“People are concerned and frightened,” Ilitch said. “The board hears this, the administration hears this. We know the university needs to communicate better and do better.

“Over the previous few weeks, we’ve heard from stakeholders during these unprecedented times, students, faculty, administration, staff, GEO, RAs, parents and our community as a whole. We’ve heard your concerns, and we will continue to listen.”

Ilitch said the university is committed to following science and utilizing the very best public health, medical and scientific resources. She also said it will continue to adjust as the facts and science dictate. 

“And we will continue to confront these challenges on our campuses together,” she said. “Our board supports President Schlissel and the administration as they continue to lead our university through these tremendous challenges.

“We know that the president and the administration will continue to listen and adapt through these challenges, honor our common values and advance the mission of the university.”