Zen dens, healthy potlucks and refreshed lounge spaces are just a few of the benefits of having an MHealthy Champion in the workplace.

Now through Aug. 16, MHealthy is looking for staff and faculty to serve as Champions. More than 700 employees currently volunteer, helping to support a culture of health within their area

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Champions serve a two-year term and spend approximately two hours per month on their duties, which include:

• Working with an MHealthy Wellness Coordinator to tailor activities to fit the needs of their coworkers.

• Helping to achieve their area’s health and well-being goals.

• Communicating to coworkers about MHealthy programs and resources.

• Encouraging participation in healthy activities.

Champions can also qualify to apply for wellness grants to support the interests and needs of their coworkers. So far, more than 100 grants have been awarded for a range of well-being projects and activities.

For example, Champions interested in supporting mental well-being have created zen dens or brought in massage chairs. Those focused on physical wellness have purchased exercise equipment or held healthy potlucks.

“Champions are part of a community that gets support and recognition from MHealthy, other Champions, and their unit’s leadership,” says Leola Hearing, project specialist for MHealthy. “If you are enthusiastic about health and well-being, like to motivate others and want to spark change, we encourage you to apply.”

Employees interested in becoming Champions should apply by Aug. 16. MHealthy will contact their supervisor to approve.