Get tailored recommendations with annual health questionnaire


After a challenging year, many are looking to summer as an opportunity to focus on their health and reassess their needs.

MHealthy’s annual health questionnaire takes a few minutes to complete and provides personalized recommendations tailored to individual needs.

“It’s typical for our well-being needs to change over time, but last year forced us to quickly — and drastically — refocus our goals in order to stay safe,” said Karen Schmidt, senior director of MHealthy. “If you want to assess your current health needs right now or just aren’t sure where to start, this tool helps to remove the guesswork.”

Recommendations are based on responses and include:

  • Up to three health and well-being areas to focus on.
  • Programs and resources available through Asset Health, MHealthy and other university entities.

Resources are available for a wide spectrum of health areas, including financial well-being, sleep, mental and emotional well-being, nutrition, food security, tobacco cessation support, alcohol management and more.

The health questionnaire is available on the new MHealthy Portal, powered by Asset Health. Active benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their spouse/other qualified adult enrolled in a U-M health plan can access it.

The university has partnered with Asset Health to ensure personal information is kept private and confidential.


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