Funding available for ergonomic-friendly solutions


Is manually lifting heavy equipment causing awkward movement? Is repeating the same motions for long periods of time causing discomfort? There may be a more ergonomic way to work.

October is National Ergonomics Month, which raises awareness of the importance of fitting the work­place to the worker. This can result in improved safety, health, productivity and job satisfaction. 

Departments and units that want to solve ergonomic issues can apply for a grant through the MHealthy Ergonomics Awareness Program. Any employee can apply on behalf of their area.

Grants are awarded up to $5,000 to help purchase equipment or redesign work processes. To help support more university areas, departments and units that receive a grant are encouraged to share in the cost of the project.

Applications are encouraged if any of the following apply to employees: 

  • Experiencing physical discomfort due to manually lifting, pushing, pulling or transporting equipment, objects or patients.
  • Bending over, reaching up or performing awkward, repetitive motion for several hours during the workday.
  • Experiencing physical stress or discomfort due to work equipment.

Grants are awarded based on:

  • Significance of the ergonomic issue.
  • Feasibility of the project.
  • Anticipated outcome.

The MHealthy Ergonomics Awareness team reviews all applications. The team includes representatives from MHealthy; Environment, Health & Safety in Ann Arbor; UMHHC Safety Management Services; the Department of Environmental Health and Safety in Dearborn; and Environment, Health & Safety in Flint.


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