Four peregrine falcon chicks that recently hatched in a nesting box atop University Hospital have been named Jim (Harbaugh), Chad (Carr), Hail-y and Ann (Arbor). 

Department of Natural Resources officials hold one of the peregrine falcon chicks that hatched recently atop University Hospital. (Photo by Barb Baldinger, DNR)

The university selected the winning names after receiving more than a hundred suggestions in the recent online naming contest.

This is the fourth year the university has hosted an online naming contest for falcon chicks.

In 2012, the community selected Bo, Fritz, Lloyd and Yost. The names reference former head football coaches Bo Schembechler, Herbert (Fritz) Crisler, Lloyd Carr and Fielding Yost. In 2013, the falcon chicks were named Blue, (Desmond) Howard, Maize and (Charles) Woodson.

In 2014, the falcon chicks were named Mary, Sue and Coleman in honor of former U-M president Mary Sue Coleman.

The falcon chicks were banded in late May so they can be tracked by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Staff identified two male and two female chicks.

This is the sixth consecutive year for the mother falcon, Thunderbolt. Last year, the breeding couple welcomed three chicks, but they were not banded or named. This year’s young will stay with the adults until the end of August.

In urban areas, peregrine pairs tend to nest on tall buildings or bridges, which simulate high cliffs and ledges, making the University Hospital rooftop a prime location.

The peregrine falcon has been removed from the federal endangered-species list, but remains an endangered species in Michigan. The male bird is about the size of a crow. Females are slightly larger.