Form better sleep habits during eight-week MHealthy program


Most people will spend about one-third of their lives asleep. The Good Night, Sleep Right challenge is designed to ensure most of this time is spent getting quality rest.

Registration for the eight-week online challenge is now open to active, benefits-eligible faculty and staff and their U-M health plan-enrolled spouse/other qualified adult.

Data from MHealthy’s 2020 annual health questionnaire revealed that sleep issues were the most prevalent health risk among U-M faculty and staff. This challenge encourages forming simple habits that improve sleep and support better rest.

Good Night, Sleep Right participants earn points for completing two or more simple tasks, such as:

  • Getting seven to nine hours of sleep.
  • Limiting screen time before bed.
  • Limiting substances before bed .
  • Creating a sleep-friendly environment.
  • Limiting food intake before bed.
  • Getting at least 10 minutes of relaxation.
  • Getting at least 10 minutes physical activity.

Logging sleep-related activities starts March 21. The goal is to earn at least two points per day, five days per week for a total of 10 or more points each week.

Good Night, Sleep Right coincides with Sleep Awareness Week and the beginning of Daylight Saving Time on March 13. Not only do most Americans lose an hour of sleep but they are also more vulnerable to sleep deprivation.

MHealthy’s website and the MHealthy Portal, powered by Asset Health, offer sleep-related programs, resources and tips.

For those who want to learn more about their health, including whether sleep could be an issue, the confidential health questionnaire also is available on the MHealthy Portal. It can help to identify an individual’s well-being strengths and areas that may need attention. It also generates a tailored list of resources to support individual needs.


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