Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award team winners


Not all team members are pictured below. View a full listing of team members.

Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi/American Staff Association (APID/A) Core Leadership Team

Front: Krishna Han, Linh Huynh, chee ia yang
Back: Mary Rose, Steve Lin, Amanda Loh, T. Charles Yun

Academic Services Office in Mechanical Engineering

Front: Davon Wheeler, Kristel Oelke, Julie Tashjian, Kathryn Orwig
Back: Rachel Casanova, Adam Mael, Tim Moore, Rachael Clarke

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce — Shared Services Center

Front: Afrah Oudeif, Angela Kelly, Kimberly Wright
Back: Kisha Prince, Kelsey Townsend, Daniel Zemaitis, Meaghan Foley

Michigan Dining

Front: Kelly Guralewski, Autumn Battin-Flores, Mynor Rivera, Joe Coeling
Back: Keith Soster, Frank Turchan, Steve Giardini, Steve Mangan

Student IDEA Board — Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Office of the Provost

Front: Ashley Wiseman and Reason, Brad Ebenhoeh, Jane Berliss-Vincent
Middle: Sonia Raheja, Luke Kudryashov, Christina Kline, Pam McGuinty, Shanna Kattari, Jacquline Jeffery, Anna Schnitzer, Marlanna Landeros
Back: Will Sherry, Josh Guberman, Paul Artale, Solomon Furious Worlds, Stephanie Rosen, David Chesney, Sue Deer Dembowski

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