School of Social Work — Office of Student Services Team

Front, from left: Erin Zimmer, Michelle Woods, Betsy Williams, Lauren Davis

Back, from left:  Mary Whitaker, Tim Colenback, Michael McDermott, Micheal Leier, Nyshourn Price, Clarita Mays

Not Pictured: Michelle Gorton

 Student Leadership and Empowerment Committee — LSA

Front, from left: Tina Kokoris, Kelley Emerson, Desiraé Simmons

Back, from left: Kyle Walton, Devon Degraffenreed, Angie Shewan

Not Pictured: Henry Dyson, robbie routenberg, Ashley Wiseman, Shamaila Ashraf, Hind Omar

 UM-Flint Intercultural Development Inventory Team

Front, from left: Amged Eidelsafy, Nakshidil Sadien, Menusha Arumugam, Michael James

Back, from left: Helen Phinisee, Daniel Adams, Tess Barker

Not pictured: Susan Gano-Phillips, Scott Johnson, Rushika Patel, Richard Russell, Doron Pratt, Mary Jo Sekelsky, Donna Fry


Front, from left: Laura Maihofer, Wendy Ascione-Juska, Cynthia Hudgins, Janet Malley

Back, from left: Benita Threadgill, Sara Bliss, Craig Smith, Shawn Beard, Susan Burke

Not pictured: Keith Herzog

UMHS Interpreter Services Team

Front, from left: Rita Galin, Courtney Vanderlaan, Jane Miller, Alfreda Rooks

Back – left to right:  Christa Moran, Michelle Harris, Lindsay McCarthy, Brittany Karnes

Not pictured:  Leslie Perez, Angelica Snyder, Oliver Gatonez, Jamie Fidler, Ximena Erickson, Chi-Wei Chang