Board of Regents resolution


WHEREAS, The Board of Regents of the University of Michigan, having been empowered by Article 8, Section 5 of the Constitution of the State of Michigan of 1963 with the honor and privilege of providing “General Supervision” of the Institution of the University of Michigan;

WHEREAS, The Board of Regents have served as a model for bipartisanship and comity, even when we disagree on particular policies, with Regents serving the University of Michigan and its mission of educating the next generation of leaders in Michigan and throughout the Nation;

WHEREAS, The Board of Regents recognizes that Regent Ronald Weiser acknowledges the mission of the University of Michigan; and has given generously of his time and finances to continue that mission;

WHEREAS, The Board of Regents has maintained strong relationships with our Constitutional Officers,  Members of Congress, and the Michigan legislature in order to ensure our continued ability to meet the University’s Important Mission of Education in our State;

WHEREAS, Regent Ronald Weiser’s language, referencing our constitutional officers as “witches” to be “burned at the stake” brought national and international disrepute on the University of Michigan, and his reference to the word “assassination” regarding Members of Congress is damaging to the University and its relationship with Members of Congress and our Constitutional Officers;

WHEREAS, the use of such language endangers the lives of our Constitutional Officers and Members of Congress, and that its use creates a climate of hostility on our campus through the use of violent, sexist language, and damages the institution of the University of Michigan;

WHEREAS, while the Board of Regents recognizes that it has no legal authority to remove Regent Weiser, The Board believes that Regent Weiser should resign his constitutional office as Regent of the University of Michigan;

THEREFORE, the members of the Board of Regents condemn in the strongest possible language the behavior of Regent Weiser, his language, and the actions taken therein, and calls on Regent Weiser to resign from the Board of Regents forthwith.


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