Biosciences Initiative Coordinating Committee


Members of the Biosciences Initiative Coordinating Committee are:

• Roger Cone, chair; vice provost and director of the Biosciences Initiative; Asa Gray Collegiate Professor of the Life Sciences, Mary Sue Coleman Director of the Life Sciences Institute; research professor, LSI; and professor of molecular and integrative physiology, Medical School.

• Huda Akil, Gardner C. Quarton Distinguished University Professor of Neurosciences, Quarton Professor of Neurosciences in the Molecular & Behavior Neurosciences Institute, professor of psychiatry, research professor and co-director of MBNI, Medical School.

• Michael Boehnke, Richard G. Cornell Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics and professor of biostatistics, School of Public Health

• Nisha D’Silva, Donald A. Kerr Endowed Collegiate Professor of Oral Pathology; professor of dentistry, School of Dentistry; and associate professor of pathology, Medical School.

• Eric Fearon, Emanuel N. Maisel Professor of Oncology; director, U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center; professor of internal medicine, of pathology and of human genetics, Medical School.

• David Ginsburg, James V. Neel Distinguished University Professor of Internal Medicine and Human Genetics; Warner-Lambert/Parke- Davis Professor of Medicine; professor of internal medicine, of human genetics, and of pediatrics and communicable diseases, Medical School; and research professor, Life Sciences Institute.

• Richard Gonzalez, Amos N. Tversky Collegiate Professor of Psychology and Statistics, professor of psychology, and of statistics, LSA; professor of marketing, Stephen M. Ross School of Business; research professor and director, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research; research professor, Center for Human Growth and Development; and professor of integrative systems and design, College of Engineering.

• S. Jack Hu, J. Reid and Polly Anderson Professor of Manufacturing; vice president for research, Office of Research; professor of mechanical engineering, and of industrial and operations engineering, College of Engineering.

• Joerg Lahann, professor of chemical engineering, of materials science and engineering, of biomedical engineering, of macromolecular science and engineering, and Academic Program Director, Biointerfaces Institute, College of Engineering.

• Anna Mapp, Edwin Vedejs Collegiate Professor of Chemistry, professor of chemistry, and in the Honors Program, LSA; director of the Chemical Biology Program and research professor, Life Sciences Institute.

• Bishr Omary, H. Marvin Pollard Professor of Gastroenterology; chief scientific officer of Michigan Medicine; executive vice dean for research, professor and chair of molecular and integrative physiology, and professor of internal medicine, Medical School.

• Tom Schmidt, professor of internal medicine, and of microbiology and immunology, Medical School; and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, LSA.

• Trisha Wittkopp, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; associate chair and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, professor in the Honors Program, and of molecular, cellular and developmental biology, LSA.

• Donald Zak, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Burton V. Barnes Collegiate Professor, professor of natural resources, associate dean for academic affairs, School for Environment and Sustainability; professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, LSA.

• Liz Barry, liaison to the president, special counsel to the president.


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