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June 26, 2014



Coffee-with-strangers program aims to boost innovation

Innovate Brew is a campuswide program that pairs faculty members from different fields to meet once a month and talk about their research over coffee. It is an experiment on whether planned serendipity can lead to innovation, and organizers know of no other university that has a program like it.

U-M Weblogin page to get a new look, same functionality

The Weblogin page used to log in to many U-M websites, including Wolverine Access and the MCommunity Directory, will get a new look over the weekend. Only the look will change. Users will continue to log in on that page with their uniqname and Level-1 UMICH password.

Winning departments announced for Ergonomics Awards

Eight university areas are being recognized with MHealthy Ergonomics Awards for independently implementing ergonomic solutions in their workplace. Winning areas have decreased risk factors and reduced or prevented employee discomfort by adding or modifying equipment or redesigning work processes.

The science of beauty

The toxic spines of a crown-of-thorns sea star can be seen in this image from the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology's annual photo contest for its faculty, postdocs, students and staff. The photo was taken by doctoral student Alison Gould while diving at a research site in Okinawa, Japan. See more photos from the contest.


Bikes, trains and buses

Alumni Rebecca Guerriero and Logan Chadde used every form of public transportation they could as they traveled across five countries and three continents searching for a better way to get people from one place to the other, and to find out what people were doing to reinvent public transportation.


Vincent Hutchings, professor of political science and Afroamerican and African studies, was interviewed about the political survival of longtime U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel of New York.

National Public Radio

A study by Fabian Pfeffer, research assistant professor at the Institute for Social Research, shows that wealth inequality has nearly doubled over the past decade.


"We know that patients with MSI colon cancer do better without chemotherapy. But these improved survival benefits are limited among African-Americans with colon cancer," said Dr. John Carethers, professor of internal medicine.



The Law Library Reference Service offers assistance in person, by phone, by chat and by email.

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