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July 22, 2017

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December 6, 2013

Drone deliveries

Is airspace ready for delivery drones? | MconneX | Michigan Engineering’s recent announcement that it hopes to use drone-like “octocopters” to quickly deliver packages raises a variety of questions about the feasibility of such a project. In this video, Ella Atkins, an associate professor of aerospace engineering who specializes in autonomous systems, explores the potential and possible pitfalls of drone delivery.

December 4, 2013


Preliminary Outdoor Walking with Underactuated Bipedal Robot MARLO

U-M’s newest two-legged robot has taken its first steps outside. The machine, named MARLO, is the third-generation bipedal robot for Jessy Grizzle, professor of electrical engineering and computer science. While MARLO’s predecessors were connected to lateral support booms and confined to the lab, this video illustrates how the current robot can venture out into the sunlight.

December 4, 2013

Distinguished Diversity Leadership Awards

These U-M staff members were honored Tuesday as individual recipients of the 2013 Distinguished Diversity Leadership Awards, which recognize the role of staff in furthering diversity at the university. Five staff teams also were honored. From left are Gerald Hoff, Leon Howard, Sharon Lobdell, Elizabeth Studley, Armando Matiz Reyes, Tom Sullivan, Cora Edwards, Jason Davis, Chanel DeGuzman and Lynette Wright. Recipient Henry Meares is not pictured. (Photo by Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography)

December 3, 2013

Life at Michigan

Spinning The Cube never gets old, as Garrett Potter and Emily Adama illustrate in this photo that is part of a slideshow in the current issue of Michigan Today. (Photo by Martin Vloet, Michigan Photography)

December 2, 2013

Culinary champs

University Unions chef Aaron Bruck puts the finishing touches on a dessert that was among the U-M team’s entries in the annual Earth to Table dinner competition with chefs from Ohio State University. U-M team declared the winner of the event, which took place Nov. 16 at the Culinary Vegetable Institute in Milan, Ohio. View more photos from the dinner. (Photo by Michelle Demuth-Bibb, Chef's Garden)