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August 17, 2017

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May 17, 2017

"Leadership is about influencing people and processes to accomplish a collective goal. So you can develop your leadership potential no matter what your current role is, by considering how you can influence and contribute more to your organization," said Sue Ashford, professor and chair of management and organizations.


May 17, 2017

Richard Norton, professor and chair of urban and regional planning, and of Program in the Environment, discussed the fluctuating levels of Lake Michigan and the impact on shoreline communities.

Michigan Radio

May 17, 2017

Jenna Goesling, assistant professor of anesthesiology, was quoted in an article about how untreated depression contributes to the opioid epidemic.

The Atlantic

May 16, 2017

Research by Rita Seabrook, doctoral student in psychology and women's studies, suggests that media portrayals teach women to be passive participants in their relationships and prioritize the desires of others, particularly men, instead of prioritizing their own desires.

Business Standard

May 16, 2017

Sonja Starr, professor of law, says that even if Attorney General Jeff Sessions toughens rules on prosecuting drug crimes, there might not be drastic changes in how prosecutors handle drug cases: "There's still a lot of discretion left to prosecutors to determine what is readily provable. Under any regime, whatever the Department of Justice policy, the choice is made by individual prosecutors."

The New York Times

May 16, 2017

Thomas Buchmueller, professor of health management and policy, and business economics and public policy, was quoted in a column that asserts that prescription drug monitoring is an obvious way to fight the opioid epidemic and make doctors' lives easier.

The Washington Post

May 15, 2017

Dmitry Berenson, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, was quoted in an article about a new technique that involves providing a robot with a knowledge base of information of how to perform a task.


May 15, 2017

Dave Ulrich, professor of business administration, says Donald Trump may have fired FBI director James Comey as a deliberate strategy to distract from the Russia investigation, or to signal that he wants to shake up Washington, or that he's in charge of the government bureaucracy — and that dissent and independence will not be tolerated.


May 15, 2017

Daniel Crane, professor of law, argues that franchise laws requiring manufacturers to sell through dealers have helped keep the auto industry in a 20th-century retail model that is inefficient and reduces choices for consumers.

Chicago Tribune

May 12, 2017

"A new FBI director will have an uphill battle in trying to convince the American people that he is completely independent of the president. The only remedy for the crisis of confidence that Trump has created is an independent prosecutor," said Barbara McQuade, professor from practice at the Law School.

The Detroit News