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June 25, 2017

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May 11, 2017

Comments by Michelle Riba, professor of psychiatry and associate director of the U-M Depression Center, were featured in a story about depression-prone jobs — those with high stress, social isolation and lack of access to mental health services.

U.S. News & World Report

May 11, 2017

"Even if (young children) can mimic what they see on the screen, they can't always transfer that to the real world and the rest of their lives. Symbolic thinking and memory flexibility is something that apps haven't been able to overcome, no matter how interactive they are," said Jenny Radesky, assistant professor of pediatric and communicable diseases, on language development apps for toddlers.


May 10, 2017

Nell Duke, professor of education, discussed how parents can do more than just read bedtime stories to their children to help them develop literacy.

Michigan Radio

May 10, 2017

Joe Arvai, professor of natural resources and environment, and of business administration, says the Environmental Protection Agency's dismissal of several members of its Scientific Advisory Board, as well as a new House bill to reform the SAB, are attempts to "pander to the president’s base by looking like they’re getting tough on all those pesky 'liberal scientists.'"

The Washington Post

May 10, 2017

Research by Reshma Jagsi, professor and chair of radiation oncology, suggests relatively few women are health care CEOs or medical school deans because they are less likely than men to be "sponsored" — taken under the wing of senior researchers who can ensure that they get access to the right career opportunities.

Business Insider

May 9, 2017

"The research and opportunities provided by U.S. colleges and universities drive our nation's economy, prepare our graduates for the best jobs, and help keep our nation safe. The new administration's proposed budget cuts to agencies that support research would have severe consequences on our universities' ability to produce these benefits," wrote President Mark Schlissel.


May 9, 2017

Susan Dynarski, professor of public policy, education and economics, says a series of regulatory changes by the Trump administration will weaken accountability for companies that administer student loans, make it more difficult for borrowers to apply for and stay enrolled in income-based payment plans, and will give banks more leeway to charge borrowers high fees if they fall behind.

The New York Times

May 9, 2017

"A majority of the 18 million people estimated to lose health insurance in the first year if Obamacare is repealed but not replaced will be Trump voters. … Working-class whites will be the face of an unhealthy America," said Derrick Darby, professor of philosophy.


May 8, 2017

"Youth violence is a devastating public health and social issue that has an impact on the health and well-being of not only our young people but also their families and communities," said Sarah Stoddard, assistant professor of nursing.

The Birmingham (Ala.) Times

May 8, 2017

"However ambivalent Republicans may be about health reform, they are not at all ambivalent about big tax cuts to the wealthy," said Nicholas Bagley, professor of law.

Los Angeles Times