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August 18, 2018

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June 17, 2014

Holly Hughes, professor of art and design, theatre and drama, and women's studies, was interviewed about her decade-long fight with the government over her performance art.

WBEZ Radio (Chicago)

June 16, 2014

Meghan Duffy, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, warned against reading too much into research that shows that plants in isolated populations are more likely to fuel disease, while those in larger, connected patches are more likely to resist infection.


June 16, 2014

"We're not dealing with groups of people here who are not entitled to U.S. protection. Quite the contrary, we're dealing with a population that actually seems to in very large measure qualify for protection that we offered to provide by signing the UN Refugee Convention," said James Hathaway, professor of law, on the legality of immigrant children in the U.S.

Christian Science Monitor

June 16, 2014

Kenneth Warner, professor of health management and policy, spoke about whether or not e-cigarettes serve as a gateway to regular cigarettes for teens.


June 13, 2014

"Humans react to the motions of the vehicles immediately in front with a reaction time delay. The impact of this is that they often amplify the ripples created by other drivers tapping the brake. As the congestion wave cascades along the chain of vehicles, eventually it grinds traffic to a halt," said Gabor Orosz, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.


June 13, 2014

Research by Mary Gallagher, associate professor of political science and director of the Center for Chinese Studies, shows that growth of the Chinese labor movement traces its roots to the beginning of China’s economic reforms in the late 1970s and early '80s.

The Wall Street Journal

June 13, 2014

Charles Friedman, professor of information, and health management and policy, was quoted in an article about Oscar, a new tech-driven health insurance company in New York.

New York Magazine

June 12, 2014

Dr. Hasan Alam, professor of surgery, spoke about the efficacy and risk of a controversial procedure in which surgeons drain the blood of trauma patients and replace it with freezing saltwater to buy time to mend patients' wounds.

The New York Times

June 12, 2014

Margaret Woolridge, professor of mechanical engineering, was interviewed about automakers' efforts to meet fuel-efficiency standards.

National Public Radio

June 12, 2014

An essay by Andrei Markovits, professor of political science, sociology and Germanic languages and literatures, takes issue with a widely held soccer stereotype: that the playing style of national teams somehow reflects a deep cultural trait of a country.

The Washington Post