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June 28, 2017

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November 8, 2013

A story about small shops that leverage technology to meet demand for low-volume, highly customizable products quoted Wally Hopp, professor of technology and operations: “You're seeing these mom-and-pop operations picking up manufacturing, doing it in a highly flexible, highly local kind of way.”


November 8, 2013

Daniel Herbert, assistant professor of screen arts and cultures, was interviewed about the early success but ultimate demise of the Blockbuster video-rental chain.


November 7, 2013

Dr. Ora Pescovitz, executive vice president for medical affairs and CEO of the U-M Health System, spoke about the fiscal and operational challenges facing academic medical centers: “In order to survive, academic medical centers must reinvent ourselves (or else) other health care systems will simply eat our lunch.”

U.S. News & World Report

November 7, 2013

Research by Luke Hyde, assistant professor of psychology, was the subject of an article about the role of brain function, parental involvement and environment in determining antisocial behavior in children.

The Baltimore Sun

November 7, 2013

Vincent Hutchings, professor of political science, was quoted in a story about voter turnout in the Detroit mayoral election.

Detroit Free Press

November 6, 2013

A story about gut bacteria and colon cancer featured the research of Patrick Schloss, associate professor of microbiology and immunology.


November 6, 2013

An article about global warming and dwarfism in mammals quoted Philip Gingerich, professor of earth and environmental sciences: “The fact that it happened twice (before) significantly increases our confidence that we're seeing cause and effect, that one interesting response to global warming in the past was a substantial decrease in body size in mammalian species.”

(London) Daily Mail

November 6, 2013

“This isn’t a top-down effort. This energy is coming mostly from the bottom up, and that’s how revolutions happen,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, senior counselor for entrepreneurial education, in a story announcing the university’s intention to bring entrepreneurial education to all undergraduates in the next two years.

The Associated Press

November 5, 2013

A story about differing perceptions of overt personal life displays at work featured the research of Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks, associate professor of management and organizations, and Susan Ashford, professor of management and organizations.

Times of India

November 5, 2013

A study by Michael Sivak, research professor at the U-M Transportation Research Institute, was the subject of an article about the correlation between a country’s national income and its road safety.

The Atlantic