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December 17, 2017

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June 4, 2014

Allen Burton, professor of natural resources and environment, and earth and environmental sciences, was quoted in a story about the Obama administration's five-year blueprint for Great Lakes environmental protection that would put greater emphasis on climate change and using science to choose cleanup projects.

The Associated Press

June 4, 2014

Joanna Kroll, director of career development at the School of Information, spoke about what job recruiters and companies want to see from new college graduates.

Michigan Radio

June 3, 2014

Matthew Shapiro, professor of economics, was quoted about his research that uses Twitter to estimate the number of new job seekers.

The Washington Post

June 3, 2014

Julia Adler-Milstein, assistant professor of information, and health management and policy, was interviewed about three health systems in Camden, N.J., that have agreed to share patient data on the city's 30,000 residents enrolled in Medicaid.


June 3, 2014

"To me, the basis of future mass transit is not buses or trains running on fixed routes, but more of a sophisticated taxi system without drivers," said Don Grimes, senior research associate at the Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy.


June 2, 2014

Steven Broglio, associate professor of kinesiology, was quoted about his research in a new White House initiative on the effects and treatment of concussions in young athletes.

Detroit Free Press

June 2, 2014

Ashley Gearhardt, assistant professor of psychology, said the best way to keep kids healthy is to eliminate the option to eat junk food all together, rather than simply giving them more access to healthy fruits and vegetables: "No one is binging on broccoli. No one eats strawberries until they throw up. If these kids are so used to eating junk foods, those other foods just can’t compete."


June 2, 2014

"If the person you're confronting is male, it provides one more excuse to make him think, 'Isn't that just like a woman?' And if she's female, tears may make her feel defensive, guilty or at least uncomfortable, which is never a good idea in the workplace," said Marina Whitman, professor of business administration and public policy, commenting on whether crying in the workplace is ever acceptable.

The Huffington Post

May 30, 2014

U-M President Mary Sue Coleman in an editorial encourages new high school graduates to study science and technology, regardless of their career aspirations, and advises them to always embrace the unknown, expect to fail and do what you love: "There is nothing more powerful, more invigorating and more essential than creating and sharing knowledge. And there is nothing more inspiring than knowing you will be shaping our future."

The Detroit News

May 30, 2014

Susan Dynarski, professor of public policy, education and economics, was quoted in an article about a U.S. government proposal to ease credit standards for parent PLUS loans to finance their children's college education.

Bloomberg Businessweek