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May 27, 2018

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December 5, 2014

Research by Jie (Jackie) Li, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences, and colleagues found that as much as two-thirds of Earth's carbon may be hidden in its inner core, making it the planet's largest carbon reservoir.

The Economic Times

December 5, 2014

Comments by Elizabeth Armstrong, associate professor of sociology, organizational studies and women's studies, were featured in an article about college fraternities and sexual assaults.

The Washington Post

December 5, 2014

Dr. David Hanauer, associate professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases and clinical associate professor of information, was quoted in a story about how online ratings of physicians may not match other measures of quality care.


December 4, 2014

Clifford Lampe, associate professor of information, says political campaigns are increasingly using technology to track voters based on candidates for whom they vote, what they buy and the causes to which they donate.

Michigan Radio

December 4, 2014

Amy Hoag Longhi, assistant director of counseling and advising services at the Career Center, was quoted in an article about the growing number of college freshmen seeking career help.


December 4, 2014

Research by Betsey Stevenson, associate professor of economics and public policy, and Justin Wolfers, professor of economics and public policy, was cited in a story about declining divorce rates in the U.S.

The New York Times

December 3, 2014

Hae Mi Choe, clinical associate professor of pharmacy, and her pioneering work in pharmacy integration were the subject of a cover story profile.

Pharmacy Today

December 3, 2014

Bruce Belzowski, lead research area specialist at the U-M Transportation Research Institute, was quoted in a story about motorcycle-maker CFMoto, one of the first Chinese manufacturing companies to gain wide appeal beyond its home market.

The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

December 3, 2014

Research by Helen Levy, research associate professor of public policy, and health management and policy; and Dr. Kenneth Langa, professor of internal medicine, and health management and policy, found that too few seniors check their health records online.


December 2, 2014

Noel Tichy, professor of management and organizations, was quoted in an article about the difficulties companies face in implementing effective CEO succession plans.

The Economist