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June 25, 2018

U-M ranks as a top university in World Reputation Rankings

March 5, 2014

U-M ranks as a top university in World Reputation Rankings

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U-M is ranked as the 15th top university in the world according to the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings released Wednesday.

In its fourth year, the 2014 Reputation Rankings are based on results from an invitation-only survey from 10,536 academics from 133 countries.

U-M is one of only three public institutions in the U.S. in the top 20. The others are University of California, Berkeley (6) and U-C, Los Angeles (10). The United States had 46 institutions on the list.

"Michigan has firmly established itself as part of an elite within an elite, making the top 15 in the world consistently since the survey was first published in 2011. This is an outstanding achievement," said Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education rankings.

"To sustain this high position when many other U.S. public institutions have suffered significant reputational decline, following serious pressure on state funding, is even more remarkable."

U-M ranked No. 12 on the list in 2013.

The ranking is one of two released annually by the organization. Its more comprehensive World University Rankings were released in fall 2013. The annual list ranks the top 400 universities and is based on 13 performance indicators separated into five categories: teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook. U-M ranked 18th on that list.

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Keith Cochran
on 3/06/14 at 2:52 pm

Fyi, cornell is half public n half private

Matthew Li
on 3/06/14 at 11:39 pm

yeah this ranking has been bullshit for years
you mean to tell me that brown and dartmouth rank behind schools like purdue and pennsylvania state?
get the fuck out of here

Binky Smith
on 3/07/14 at 3:24 pm

You must feel cheated spending all that cash on your under performing university. But the it was most likely daddy's money anyway...

Victor Lacca
on 3/10/14 at 7:48 am

Foulmouth and Tawny didn't even make the list- what a laugh.

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