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May 21, 2018

MHealthy launches new stress management program, website

November 18, 2013

MHealthy launches new stress management program, website

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To help university faculty and staff better manage their stress, MHealthy has launched MHealthy Thrive!, an inclusive stress prevention and management program designed to impact health and well-being, and foster a psychologically healthy workplace.

MHealthy Thrive! complements the resources of the UMHS Employee Assistance Program and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program as part of MHealthy’s Mental and Emotional Health Services.

All three services will reside on a new mental health and emotional health website containing educational content, tools to assist with day-to-day concerns, strategies for self-care, confidential online screenings, and a tutorial for leaders and supervisors to recognize and help with workplace issues.

MHealthy Thrive! Stress Management Program

The mission of MHealthy Thrive! is to foster individual and community well-being by energizing work climates, enhancing relationships, and maximizing personal strengths.

Visitors to the MHealthy Thrive! website can:

• Register for free stress management classes and webinars.

• Watch videos on relaxation techniques and other stress management strategies.

• Read the Thrive! Blog.

• Learn more about the U-M Statement on Civility.

“We want to help employees feel more energized, connected and resilient,” says John Sonnega, MHealthy Thrive! program manager. “We also offer support to help foster a positive workplace culture so our faculty and staff can reduce stress and thrive.”

Sonnega and other MHealthy staff will lead free, onsite seminars within work units to share useful guidelines and facilitate dialogue on topics such as stress and energy management, civility in the workplace and managing email stress.  Anyone interested in adding a 15- to 30-minute discussion to their upcoming department or unit meeting can contact MHealthy at 734-764-0343.


The university offers no-cost confidential counseling and consultation services for faculty, staff, and their immediate families. Both the U-M Health System Employee Assistance Program and the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program offer guidance, information and support regarding the daily challenges of living.

“Mental and emotional health, like physical health, needs routine maintenance,” says Kathleen Robertson, director of UMHS EAP. “To be mentally and emotionally fit, human beings need places to pause so they can better understand their current circumstances. We like to think of ourselves as one of those places.”

• UMHS faculty, staff and their immediate family members can contact UMHS EAP at or 734-763-5409.

• Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campus faculty, staff and their immediate family members can contact FASAP at or 734-936-8660 (TTY 734-647-1388).

“The newly redesigned MHealthy Mental & Emotional Health website offers a wealth of information on the many services and programs available within U-M and the community,” says Tom Waldecker, director of FASAP. “We’re pleased to see the university’s continued commitment to offering mental and emotional health resources that help faculty & staff to take care of themselves and feel their best.”

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